Reviews of the NailScale

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NailScale (from Amazon)

5.0 out of 5 stars NailScale to the rescue, September 12, 2010

By Frank (Pennsylvania)

This review is from: NailScale handbook: A nail care and nail maintenance guide for the classical guitarist (Paperback)

If you play classical guitar and are of the "nail" school of thought, don't think, just get this. No more file, play a few notes, file, play a few notes etc. Thats what I did forever and often let them get too long because I dreaded filing and many times I filed too much or fingers w/different lengths.

I measured initially when I got it and found I prefer 1mm length. After a week or so I could tell it was time to file. I decided to try Nailscale. I noticed my nails grow at slightly different paces and not all of them needed the same amount of filing. I was almost 2mm on my longest one. After just a few minutes of filing and using Nailscale (without touching the guitar once) I was back at exactly 1mm on all nails. I picked up the guitar and it felt perfect for the first time ever after a filing session.

Oh if thats not enough there is a booklet containing tons of pertinent information for both the novice and veteran alike. I cannot reccomend this product enough.

Thanks for a great product John.

The NailScale and NailScale Handbook

An accurate nail length is vital to playing the Classical Guitar well because a nail that is too long will impair your speed and a nail that is too short will impair your precision.